Camilla H. Horsted

Projektleder og Urban Designer, Aarhus

M: +45 51614708

My job 

I’m a project manager and urban designer in the department for Urban Development & Landscape. My most important job is to design cities worth living in. As a designer, it’s important always to use the location as a starting point for your work process -  you need to factor in who lives there, what kind of flow the area is suited for, traffic conditions etc. Converting the citizens’ needs into technical design requires an innovative mindset and collaboration across disciplines. 

It’s all about people

For me, design is about people: the actual people who will live in the cities we design and create. That’s why I feel a responsibility to make our solutions as liveable as possible. It’s incredibly rewarding to watch projects become a reality and to be part of creating growth and new life for the people who live in the city.