Eva Ravn Nielsen, Chief Advisor, Power-to-X

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Eva Ravn Nielsen

Chief Consultant, PhD

T: D: +45 51 61 04 83

My job

I work as a Chief Advisor for Hydrogen and Power-to-X in Ramboll. Together with my colleagues, I work on projects with the green energy transition replacing fossil fuels with sustainable fuels called green hydrogen, Power-to-X. This is new energy technologies that will help us build a sustainable energy system, as Power-to-X can turn wind and sun into green hydrogen, liquid fuels, and balance the energy systems. That means that Power-to-X brings us hope to fight the climate crisis. We need these solutions in a new energy world, and we better start today than tomorrow.

I can face myself knowing that I contribute to a better world

It means a lot to me to work in a company with a mission and a vision. It makes me highly motivated to give my best to the job I do. In Ramboll, we are dedicated engineers a lot of us. We work on the best solutions, we build on each other’s knowledge, and have a holistic approach. That means that we are making the best solutions to contribute to a better world.