Bessakerfjellet wind farm


Linn Helland

Country Manager, Ramboll Energy Norway
T: +47 45 29 69 63

Ydelser vi leverede

TrønderEnergi Kraft AS has for decades been a major player within hydroelectric power production in the middle of Norway. Their experience and focus on renewable energy has made it obvious for them to look into a role also within wind power production.

Ramboll has been the owner’s engineer responsible for the contracting strategy, preparation of tender documents for turbines and civil works, evaluation, negotiation and contracting. In addition Ramboll has been involved throughout the construction period, especially related to commissioning.

Securing power supply

The mid-Norwegian region is constantly challenged throughout the winter time due to a high risk related to power supply. Weak grids set limitations to the import of power. Therefore an increased power production in the region is of high importance. The project is the first step of a planned portfolio of wind power projects located in the same area, both on- and offshore.


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